My Holiday Pt 1

I’ll split this into 2 or 3 different parts as there’s a lot to get through. Plus it’s taking quite a bit of time to upload the media from my phone.

Well firstly I’ll say it’s good to have a 2 week break from all this lunacy. Good to feel somewhat normal again, not reading about Muslim rapists or the new transgender bullshit. But life’s not a holiday so back to war I go.

Where I was staying in Austria was 100% white & paradise to be honest. Coming home to see all the filth that has come to these shores could be depressing. But I came home with more hope than before leaving. More on that later.

Place I stayed was St Gilgen, Wolfgangsee, Nth Austria.

That last photo is a stock image from the net. I didn’t get one overlooking the whole area myself.

I drove up to Braunau on the Austrian/German border to see the birth home of Hitler and took this video.

Front, side & back view of the house as well as street views. Braunau is a nice clean small German town from the little I saw.

Something funny happened on the way there. I noticed the number 33 quite a few times while driving to it but not being the superstitious type thought nothing of it.

So I arrive in Braunau & what do I see in the car sat nav?

Notice time & temperature. Maybe the great man was with me that day LOL.

Down a side lane across the road from Hitler’s home there was a battle of the stickers going on.

I visited the beautifully picturesque town of Hallstatt built on a tiny strip of land between the mountains and the lake.

My daughter peddling her heart out on the lake. We had lunch on the boat taking in the fantastic scenery.

If you’re ever in that part of the world I highly recommend a visit to this ancient town.

Next up was The Five Fingers, a steel structure built nearly 7000 feet high in the mountains overlooking Hallstatt.

As you can see it overhangs the mountain, not for the faint hearted. Some video I took –

My son enjoying the experience.

Before we set off from the ground in the cable car it was 32 degrees celsius. By the time we reached the top it was a lot colder, I’d say 15 or 16. In the distance we could see Glaciers another 1000 feet higher than us.

So by this time everyone’s a little peckish so we get lunch in the mountaintop restaurant. Look what sits down beside us.

I had my Hitler screensaver on my phone hoping one would notice lol. I’d never really been this close to Jews before so I studied them. Something I noticed was how black their eyes were, really coal black. And their mannerisms were very odd to me, very alien. I don’t know what Jews are but they’re definitely not like you & me.

8 thoughts on “My Holiday Pt 1

  1. cartier mccloud

    Beautiful and haunting. You had a wonderful trip. Thanks for the incredible pictures. This is as close to Hitler & Europe as most of us can every hope to get. Did you say this was Part 1???


    Liked by 2 people

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