16 thoughts on “Bread & Circuses

    1. Those idiots don’t know that is not segregation which is a disaster, segregation is a natural thing… What is a disaster is the fact that they DO insist that two communities can intermingle and live together, as if it were a GOOD thing… They are violating a basic law of nature, that is, every organism and species need its own space, or problems will arise when that space is threatened. It’s just basic. Humans are not above those laws, either. The liberalism/humanism is breeding all these problems.

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      1. Those idiots also ignore the fact that those foreigners are INVADERS and need to be treated as such. We should stop pretending that it is our moral duty to help them… that’s cucked as hell. Swim or sink, motherfuckers, and more important: you come to our lands, expect the law of iron, not flowers and signs welcoming you. Fuckers.

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