Churchill Wanted to “Drench” Masses of German Civilians with Poison Gas

News For The Blind

In a secret wartime memorandum, Winston Churchill told his advisers that he wanted to “drench” Germany with poison gas.

Churchill’s July 1944 memo to his chief of staff Gen. Hastings Ismay was reproduced in the August-September 1985 issue of American Heritage magazine. “I you to think very seriously over this question of poison gas,” the four-page note began. Britain’s wartime leader continued: “It is absurd to consider morality on this topic when everybody used it [gas] in the last war without a word of complaint from the moralists or the Church.

On the other hand, in the last war the bombing of open cities was regarded as forbidden. Now everybody does it as a matter of course. It is simply a question of fashion changing as she does between long and short skirts for women.”

Churchill’s directive bluntly stated: “I want a cold-blooded calculation made as to how it would…

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5 thoughts on “Churchill Wanted to “Drench” Masses of German Civilians with Poison Gas

    1. A pedo too? Well, what’s not to love about Winnie!! He had it all!!
      But remember, for the demockratic “free world” he is a hero. A hero with a solid moral fiber. Sheesh.
      Also, both him and Uncle Joe look like pigs in that photo. More so Winnie.
      And this is the man that the demockratic idiots revere!! A pedo, a drunkard, a war criminal, a warmonger (Hitler wanted peace), a liar, a spendaholic, a jewish puppet, boy, nobody is perfect, but this guy had too many flaws, and things worse than flaws, he was an outright CRIMINAL. And a traitor.

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