27 thoughts on “In the mad scramble to embrace individualism people embrace madness & self mutilation in order to stand out from the crowd.

  1. romanianalien

    This is a scam pulled by some imbeciles in order to avoid work or what most of us perceive as work/a job. Being a circus freak pays off….NOT


  2. romanianalien

    I can only mock these ‘tards, because one makes the difference with what is in its mind and heart, not in the way that person mutilates itself. Imagine them in a few years and ull laugh out loud.


  3. romanianalien
    1. They even admit they copy everything. At least, a Japanese cook who has (or used to have) a TV show on some cable channel admitted that. He said, in a not-so-broken Spanish: “We, the Japanese take things and copy them, we copy them.”
      Well, he was sincere. I prefer that to the: “we wuz kangz, we mayd da purahmids and sheeeit” from niggers.

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        1. I have the theory that, although they might be smarter than us on average, they lack the European spark, the Promethean flame, so their intelligence is rendered moot. We might be a bit “dumber”, but we have it, and thus, we achieve more than them.

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          1. Romanianalien

            Slow down, ure already ranting. If Japs had been as u say, they wouldnt have got where they are today. Look at them and look at us, whites nowadays, with realistic eyes. We are at the bottom of the barrel, mate, and thats the fucking truth, regardless u like it or not. We are doomed. BTW, why do u think Japan was hit by that earthquake? In order to submit them/wipe them out as much as possible, It was a ZIO/HAARP engineered quake and thats already common knowledge. Zio’s cant stand competence as we know….


            1. Yeah, but they copied us. See the social maladies they have, they are pretty much the same. Of course, you can’t forget that they have the joos inside their society as well. Could they come with those inventions on their own…? I doubt it.
              That’s my point. They just don’t have “it”. The spark.
              Zios are bastards everywhere, no need to remind me of that.
              They have a more cohesive culture of their own, I admit it. No problem with that. But as long as they imitate us, they are going to have the fancy stuff. They are not niggers, they are organized, but they stagnate. At least, technologically speaking. Read the A Wonderful Race piece from here.
              We are far more pozzed with jews than them, that’s true. Thus, your bottom of the barrel. Among other things…
              Well, Fuhrerious already told you the copying stuff part. But my point still stands.
              We are pozzed largely due to jewish influence, but they do have their fair share of problems, also. Coming largely from the same source as well.

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            1. They don’t have the spark. Thus, their “intelligence” is little more than common sense, or discernment to see what is good and what is not to do… Not a bad thing to have, but it can’t beat the ability to create of the Aryans.

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        2. Romanianalien

          As much as ud like to believe that, it wasnt. Japanese built a strong civilization eons before Europeans showed up.If by “Middle Age” u mean some mentality or practices, thats another story. Im not siding with anyone, just stating some obvious things.


    2. Romanianalien

      U are mistakening them for Chinese. Maybe Im ill informed but its not Japs that copy everything, regardless of what that cook said. For instance, Chinese copy Western/European cities, Ive never heard of Japanese doing that. And the list can go on.

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  4. And yeah, the Chinese copy more than the Japanese, but, in those cases, it’s probably because they have to boost the economy… Lots of money, and they don’t know how the hell they can spend it. Entire cities which are empty, that is insane, but if money exchanges hands, it can happen.
    The Chinese have a blend of Communism and Capitalism going on. Lots of money and some planification (probably not as much as in Mao’s era, however). Thus, the bizarre spendings.

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