6 thoughts on “What School Should Be Like. 

      1. This. The military MUST join us, if not, everything is moot.
        I can tell you guys how the left is still scared of the bootSS, even if 34 years have passed since the return of demockracy here in Argentina.
        From Alfonsin (that fucking shill and possible crypto) who opened the boob hatcheries to cultural marxism, and began dismantling the military — until leaving it in the sorry state that our army is today, to the fucking Kirchners (both nasty jews), the left have been whining about “evuul military” to boot.
        I grew up hating the military, due to said indoctrination. (Bear in mind that I’m young). Moreover, I did highschool under the Kirchner era… Highschool curricula was absolutely, ABSOLUTELY biased towards the leftist agenda. Yep. No discussion of what the fucking left “the wonderful youth” did to deserve whatever came to them. Nope. No discussion about how many people they killed, or planned to kill. Nope.
        Why I’m saying this? Because they play the victim, all the time. “Muh torture, muh 30.000, muh death flights.” When in fact, they had military training and knew what the fuck were they trying to do!! This is the most infuriating stuff.
        The left helped the right to rise to power. Yes, it’s true that we were put in massive debt. Yes, it’s true that the rich became ultrarrich with the military government. Just look at the zio-shill motherfucker we have as a president now. His family became ultrarrich with the Junta. And the Kirchners gained lots of properties, due to two factors: a law, called the circular 1,050, and an inflation of 100% or more. What did this law do? It indexed debts with the inflation… and since inflation was stratospheric, lots of people lost their stuff/houses. Yes. The Kirchner jews repoed their stuff. Until they had over 20 houses, only in their home province…
        The left and right worked together to screw us. This is what teachers don’t teach you in school.
        Moral of the story: if the military is loyal, don’t understimate it. Obviously, that would require that the military is made jew-wise, and screw the fucking jews. And the population should support it as well. Or at least, don’t fuck around.
        People supported the military, due to the terrorist psyops (the bombings were real, however).
        If the military had been jewwise, instead of being the cocksuckers of the jews (under the US, their proxy), history would be different…

        TL;DR: The left will be scared shitless of the military, if the military ain’t loyal to the jews.

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    1. I do, white men need to wake the fuck up, stop watching niggerball, and march enmass on their parliaments. Then drag every politician out & gang them. Then find all the traitors in media & the kikes & do the same.

      Thats all!!!

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