6 thoughts on “The Problem With Illegal Immigration Thread

  1. Jennefir Haywood

    Amen! I’m glad more people are actually recognizing this…. I hear many people that disagree speaking upon trumps decision to building a wall, the cold part the people saying this are not immigrants. So obviously Trump had the very same theroy on the infestation of immigrant scavengers ( now in no way in he’ll am I raceist, I have children that belongs to more than one ethnicity ) meaning they have flooded our states in bigger packs than the gremlins and that’s even after they done multiplied, I remember some time back people used to blame the drug dealers and rich people for a lot of the debt from money not being circulated in the United States, but I called this out amungst the circle I surrounded in at that time that it’s not drug dealers nor rich people its these immigrants from all over the world, well I HAVNT really seen or witnessed too many Asian or Chinese decent people get handed businesses and houses for free and while the husband’s work the women an children collect welfare etc with their fake names an ssn and not even the Hispanics get treated not nearly as good as the non American Indians as they get the businesses and houses but Hispanics are taking all jobs by accepting way less wages and they way over flood our states I mean I remember when Oakland was the majority of black and white and in the hoods you all may refer to as the ghetto or urban areas you would find a few white families but the majority would be black, but now almost everywhere you go in Oakland its like being in Mexico except for maybe the Oakland hills as well as west Oakland and I affiliate mostly with west Oakland as being a woman is much easier than east Oakland where it’s so many Hispanics and the men all think that every attractive woman they see are prostitutes and the women treat you terribly from jelocy and assuming the same thing. Back to my point after I got carried away mistakenly, all the minorities send money to their countries n which they are paying for houses like mansions living better than many Americans as well as myself n which the recession hit me hard as I live out my van and had to send my 5 children to live with family for 2yrs now since we lost our home and I always had the understanding that if u are a woman homeless with children, (not to mention I became disabled 2yrs prior from when we lost our home and went through a divorce), were supposed to be top ppriority when it comes to housing and section8? THAT FROM EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN A DREAM THAT MANY AMERICANS WERE SOLD! TOP PRIORITIES ARE MINORITIES! THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME IF ANYONE READS THIS… MIND YOU IM NOT SPEAKING UPON MY SITUATION TO GAIN SYMPATHY MORE LIKE REAL FACTS THAT CERTAIN PEOPLE COME B4 OUR OWN FELLOW AMERICANS…


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  3. Reblogged this on The Gas Mask Blog – Resistiendo al JWO/Resisting the JWO and commented:
    For the people who might stumble onto my blog for the first time, here is an explanation for you. See…? Capitalism (for you lefties) benefits from paying less to Juan Illegal, while it screws John Legal at the same time. You Communists/Liberals are the other side of the coin, the same coin that harbors Capitalism as well. Thus, you are fake opposition.

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  4. Well, also there are more considerations than the merely economical, but it’s a good explanation for liberal (a la lefty American and a la conservative European)/non-racial types to understand. We already know that there are more things that merely economy/taxes, although they are important to us in relationship with our lives, too.

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