15 thoughts on “Next Time Someone Tries Convincing You Transgenderism Is Normal

  1. I’ve just read what they do in vaginoplasty… (from the same source than your link).
    Ugh! They take the penis/scrotum of a man and invert it so to form a vagina… It’s male mutilation, and none of these “do-gooders” seem to care about it.
    Male mutilation, plain and simple.
    You can read more in the “vaginoplasty” link from your source, it discusses the techniques used to do such a thing. Truly insane shit.

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  2. Don’t these psychos understand that they will never be able to have good sex again?? They will certainly never be able to climax like nature designed them to. If you “like” being a woman, just put on a wig and high heels and fucking prance around. After all this crap, I’m starting to miss the old cross dressers, who at least, kept their peckers intact.

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