Traitors in charge ‘struggling’ to provide services for paper Irish invaders.

This lot of parasites don’t look too badly off do they.

When we already have a housing crisis for our own how in hell can we take thousands of invaders and house them at our expense? There have been Irish on housing waiting lists for years. Yet these invaders come in and get put to the top of those lists.

5 thoughts on “Traitors in charge ‘struggling’ to provide services for paper Irish invaders.

  1. Man, I thought that Irishmen looked… different.
    Those niggaz don’t look Irish to me.
    The housing listings thing….. oh my, dude, it sounds EXACTLY like how things are going on around here!!
    People can be on waiting lists for DECADES. So you better own a house, or you will need to rent, dude… And renting can eat half of your salary alone.
    And yesssh, if you have contacts or happen to NOT actually need a house (being rich and having powerful friends), or are an immigrant from some country of the “Patria Grande” (it means more or less: “Great Homeland”), you may get a house faster than most hardworking White people whose only crime is to be poor, or even middle class… Inflation has been on two digits around here for like a decade now. I shit you not, man! It’s almost impossible to save money for little more than emergencies, let alone to buy a house.
    And those “poor Syrian refugees” sure are quite a bunch! I counted ten Kunta-Kintes on that photo alone, am I right?

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