7 thoughts on “What Prominent Jews Say About The Holocaust. 

  1. Moshe Aryeh Friedman was born in 1972 in Brooklyn and he’s currently living in Antwerp, Belgium. He is indeed a practicing Orthodox Jew – but in other ways he is rather un-Orthodox…

    When speaking to the Media he introduces himself as Rabbi Moshe Friedman, but his status as Rabbi has been questioned and challenged by the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger. “Rabbi” Friedman does not find this particularly troubling since he opposes the existence of Israel and therefore doe snot recognize Rabbi Metzger’s authority. His views are somehow close to the Satmar Hassidic group, but he is not affiliated with them. Officials of the Austrian Jewish Community claim that he has not proven that he has completed the rabbinical studies required to earn the title and he was actually expelled from the Board of the Vienna Jewish Community. All this, however, still doesn’t justify the decision by the Jewish Orthodox schools in Belgium to deny admission to his boys…

    In 2006, Moshe Friedman participated in the International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust, which took place in Tehran with the participation of famous Holocaust deniers and a clear agenda of rejection of the historical facts of the Nazi Genocidal war against the Jews. While at that Conference he made himself also known for proposing the dissolution of the State of Israel and the relocation of the Jews living there to the countries from which they came. The reason for his expulsion of the Board of the Vienna Jewish Community was his alignment with the Freedom Party in Vienna, an extreme right wing Party with Neo-Nazi overtones. But there is more…

    After meeting Hamas official Atef Adwan in Stockholm in 2006, Moshe Friedman announced his intention of building a coalition between Hamas and anti Zionist Jews to bring about Israel’s dissolution. To this day, Moshe Friedman insist that the Holocaust was a much smaller event than presented by historians and that it was exaggerated by the Jews to pave the way for the creation of Israel. He claimed during an interview in 2009 that he doesn’t consider himself anti Zionist and that there is no such a thing as anti Zionist Jews, although he insisted on his alternate version of the Holocaust and on the need to dissolve the State of Israel.


    Menuhin wrote this book about history’s lies here, a PDF download.


    These are great quotes and we need to find more to prove not all jews line up like good little soldiers.

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