9 thoughts on “It’s those small differences that make life interesting.

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  2. Michael Krausler


    Worth the mention.

    Czech rep.s been easiest place to get guns in Europe anyway !!.

    satans are working to some sort of kaballa time table,…getting a bit BORING now.

    They ain’t FLOODED ALL Caucasian Lands for NO REASON….Reason has been THIER TROOPS,….No other way a 2% of any population can take out host Nations, so THIS is the “Time of Jacobs Trouble” coming up….You can see how the primitive uncivilzed savages have treated us WITH A FUNCTIONING ECONOMY…..

    All the satans gotta do now is pull the plug….They NEVER lost out during the last 2 World Wars, they THINK they won’t lose out in this final push for a jew world order [overt].

    If only they could recognize themselves as SATAN in OUR BIBLE, they’d know THE END IS NIGH.

    Heil Hitler.
    Good Luck.
    God Bless.

    {comms dark. Lots to do now.}


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  4. Paul Dube

    Michael Krausler, and therein lies the problem. You still hang onto that filthy Abrahamic religion of Christianity. All of Europe must free themselves of any and all Abrahamic connections and return to the Pagan spiritual paths of our ancestors. Christians committed genocide against our people’s and forced that Abrahamic filth upon us. Islamopigs have invaded, raped, pillaged, and committed genocide against our people for over 1400 years. The Jews…not enough time to explain those vermin. It’s time to remove your Semite/Abrahamic shackles!

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