An American Tragedy

ON A DAY in 1986 that I shall not specify, a singularly perspicacious and devoted American died. I know no one man who did more to avert the doom of our nation and race. He died at an advanced age, embittered and lonely.
He was a man of means and spent generously on behalf of a thankless and perhaps worthless people. Since I was probably the only acquaintance who shared his opinions and never asked him to subsidize anything, he accorded me a measure of confidence.


4 thoughts on “An American Tragedy

  1. It is the same tragedy for all of us who fight this madness. Isolation, loss of friends, family and jobs, banishment from “polite” society & deletion of blogs as “promoting hatred & discrimination.”

    These are but a few of the glories we will carry to our graves.

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    1. Isolation is one that doesn’t bother me. I’ve always known I was different from the herd so am happy in my own company. In fact I don’t like being around normies, they annoy me lol.

      Be that as it may your point is still perfectly valid.

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