Marijuana and Jew

Aryan Street


Think it’s cool to smoke marijuana?  Think it’s edgy?  Are you using some ache or pain as an excuse to smoke dope when an aspirin or a little grit would suffice?

Look, if you’ve got a serious problem like terminal cancer then smoke away but….

Are you familiar with the Opium wars?  Observant Jews bastards like David Sassoon made a fortune selling Opium to the Chinese.  It is said that at one time over 90% of all Chinese males under the age of 40 in certain regions were using Opium.  Opium use in China decimated the economy and caused untold heartache to the Chinese.

Jews and jew-wannabes love to make money on other people’s misery.  Nixon said of jews:

You know, it’s a funny thing. Every one of those bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob? What is the matter with…

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6 thoughts on “Marijuana and Jew

  1. romanianalien

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      1. Because faggots, Fuhrerious, that’s why…

        “Just ask Dr. (((Evan Goldstein))), a Manhattan surgeon who has pioneered the practice of making buttholes beautiful and more sexually compatible through Botox, tightening and loosening procedures.”

        When you think that things can’t be worse, then you have things like this.

        “More sexually compatible” Hmmmm, I thought that body part was for disposing bodily waste… not for that.

        And the son of Jacob makes a killing each year. And he is a faggot as well. Oh well, I guess it has to do with the laws of demand and supply. What a bunch of faggots!
        Have you seen my post called the Gallery of Horrors? Man, I added a lot of pukeworthy photos on the stuff that fags do… things to make your stomach churn.

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