25 thoughts on “When you go to a Schumer gig and are unfamiliar with her ‘style’.

  1. (((They))) and the cucked for satanic types, always have a 5 or 10 minute section slagging off Christians & Christianity. [See bill burr, jim jefferies & george carlin]

    I’d love a World where I did NOT have to call a CUNT a CUNT….But until there are NO CUNTS,….I’ll have to keep calling a CUNT a CUNT and a SPADE a SPADE.

    Only thing stopping me venting in much more psychotically animated ways.I’ve got over 35 Years worth of that stuff to get rid of.Should help in the “interesting times” ahead.


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  2. This is a Muslims negative view of Israelites doing comedy. God is not laughing, Muslims. Muslims know that God killed the enemies of the Israelites in the bible. Muslims, even when they know this, want to remain the enemies of the Israelites. Muslims are not to bright if you ask me


  3. romanianalien

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