10,000 Strong Muslim Rally In Cologne To Condemn Radical Islam A Complete Flop

The Leftist media has been drumming up support for a planned march that was supposed to prove to the world that most Muslims in Europe condemn the terrorist attacks. Cologne was chosen for its symbolism because it was the scene of a New Years mass rape by Muslims of European women.
They started hyping up this event, claiming that 10,000 Muslims would show up to condemn radical Islamic terror.


2 thoughts on “10,000 Strong Muslim Rally In Cologne To Condemn Radical Islam A Complete Flop

  1. 50 people, tops? Come on guys, you can do better than that…
    No, Muslims don’t believe in that dick shit… They believe in war. If the faggot lefty media railed “1,000,000 White people to combat racism” (which you know that “only” Whites can exert it), you’ll have all the fucking SJWs of the country there… Then you drop a bomb and kill them all. Heck, it might actually work. Since SJWs are Good Stupid, it will make them want to die in martyrdom… Because they oppose “racism”, want to combat it, and are suicidal already. They will be Anne Hirroes for the cause.

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  2. Even they don’t have the calories anymore to carry on the JEWISH PANTO BULLSHIT.

    Too many of them are too busy TRAINING.

    See them jog past my place with weight-vests on. Didn’t know KEEP FIT was such a “Muslim thing” !!!!.

    Gonna kick off sooner than later then.


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