Left-Wing scumbag Writer Describes Scalise Shooting as ‘Self-Defense’

A left-wing writer is making no apologies after suggesting on Twitter that the Wednesday morning shooting of a Republican congressman and staffers may have been tantamount to an act of “self-defense.”
Malcolm Harris, who has a book contract with Little, Brown of New York, made tasteless tweets Wednesday morning following the shooting of at least four people in Alexandria, Virginia, including Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.).

Harris suggested the shooting of conservative Republicans could be justified.
“If the shooter has a serious health condition then is taking potshots at the GOP house leadership considered self defense?” Harris tweeted.


2 thoughts on “Left-Wing scumbag Writer Describes Scalise Shooting as ‘Self-Defense’

  1. Via Jim Stone

    Nancy Pelosi: Scalise is dead
    Nancy Pelosi’s senile mush chamber blurted out today that Scalise is dead, right in front of everyone. So either he is already dead, or she knows the agenda. If what Pelosi said is not a blunder, they offed Scalise during the first surgery and all talk about subsequent surgeries is bunk to provide cover for him already being dead at a time when motives are being questioned.

    At this point, the only story I will settle for is: Scalise is in therapy now, learning how to use a repaired hip. If we don’t get that story over the next few weeks, they offed him pure and simple. They offed him because he was one of the very few true allies Trump had. He was honest, and going after the pedophiles. If he dies, I’m not buying it, and if I could lock and load, I would.

    Concerned individuals, please note: Now that the CIA knows I have no guns anymore because I cannot “lock and load”, any attempts by really nice strangers to hand me a weapon will be responded to by a brick in the head. Have your goon wear a helmet if any such attempts are planned.

    To clear up the lies about Scalise
    Trolls are doing all they can to cover for what is happening to Scalise. I am going to repeat, because none of this changed:

    Scalise was shot in the hip by a government provided M4 carbine. Trolls have tried to morph this to an SKS which would fit the story line better, and cover up the fact that the shooter was likely a U.S. intelligence brain fogged patsy.

    Scalise arrived at the hospital in good spirits and was NOT IN SHOCK and was in GOOD SPIRITS immediately, and I mean the second before going into surgery. Trolls are trying to morph the story to “he was adrenaline rushed at the ball field so he looked ok, but arrived at the hospital at the edge of death”. Not so, FROM THE HOSPITAL he called his wife while in good spirits and being prepped for surgery, and the call basically ended with him going into surgery in FAIR condition. What is “fair” condition? This only means that you have an injury (that could be severe) but your vital signs in no way indicate that there is any chance you will die.

    I am skeptical of all the surgeries, he’s had three so far. Maybe they are putting pieces of bone back together and reconstructing major damage (an M4 carbine will cause amazing damage at the impact site) but if it impacts bone, it will stop there. I don’t care who writes how stupid I am about this They need the story to be an SKS, that won’t stop when it hits a solid bone, so SKS is what the story will be I guess. QUESTION: Why did it take the MSM two full days to settle on it being an SKS, when in the first five minutes, the very initial reports, said M4 carbine? It’s not like the capitol police would get that wrong when that is a standard issue weapon! An SKS is also anything but obscure, so if that’s what it was, they’d have said it in the first minutes.

    The answer to why the story morphed is obvious, the M4 carbine is a controlled item an average joe will not come up with. And it also won’t fit the story line of death from a shot to the hip. You’d be a lot better off getting hit by an SKS in the chest than an M4 carbine, but the opposite is true if the bullet hits a hip bone. The SKS has a LOT MORE punch to destroy a bone with and keep going to damage other parts, but in soft tissue the M4 is absolutely horrible. It blows everything apart. If Scalise got hit in the chest by an M4, he’d have been gone gone gone. But it was a hip shot, so the M4 carbine is out of the picture for that reason, along with the fact that one is impossible to come up with outside military supply chains. How’d that happen? That would take some explaining . . . .

    My suspicion is that they will operate on Scalise long enough to spew a story like “We tried to save him but after five failed surgeries, he’s gone”. People might believe that, but I never will. If he dies, he was taken out by the deep state at the hospital, end of discussion.

    I advise people to go with the first reports, not whatever spin spew they crap out days later to cover up for an operating room/poison IV murder. The fact that he was in good spirits at the hospital was so well stated in the beginning that I can’t believe trolls would ever go there, and say he arrived in shock. Their tactic of lying until it becomes the truth is wearing awful thin.

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