5 thoughts on “How Teachers Voted in U.K. Election.

  1. u.k. senior scool. Endless substitute tutors….none knowing wtf was last taught and a complete disconnect.

    NEGRO SHEBOON SUB “Tutor” : You are learning french.

    Me : No, I wanna learn German, my dad is German,I have no interest whatsoever in french.

    NEGRO SHEBOON SUB “Tutor” : No you must learn french, German is too hard, you must wait until 3rd [2 YEARS LATER] Year to learn German.

    Me : [In my head] WTF AM I DOING IN THIS FUCKING WASTE OF MY TIME BUILDING ?? FUCK THIS PLACE.FUCK YOU & what are you even doing here telling ME what’s what in MY OWN LANDS !!?.

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    1. Implying killing criminals is a bad thing.
      Even if he did, the perps were probably the worst of the worst. Fucking communists (aka traitors, aka jews) and assorted scum.
      He wasn’t going to kill a kid who stole a bar of bread or shit like that.
      Even the Brits used to have the death penalty at that time, right?
      This is a case of the kettle calling the pot black… Obviously, ignorant boobuses and “goodthinkers” say: “oh, it’s so terrible, thank god for democracy!”
      While they have shitskins that rape and groom schoolchildren, so to follow the footsteps of their prophet, Allah.
      And the police doesn’t bat an eye, so they aren’t called “racist!”
      Fuck that. The 40’s Britain, forget the 40’s Germany, wouldn’t have let shitskins rape their own children without doing anything.
      The democratic boobuses, they are fucking morons.

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