Heinrich Gutsche 

The National Socialist Heinrich Gutsche was murdered during a 
cowardly communist assault in Chemnitz City. On 7. June 1931.

Heinrich Gutsche was shot in his stomach and spent a few hours spending his last time together with the fuhrer himself. When Hitler came to the hospital room to be present, the young SS man shines up. He dies as he embraces Hitler’s white lilies and says his last words: “Heil Hitler!”

6 thoughts on “Heinrich Gutsche 

  1. He, as many others, died for his beliefs. But also, for the perspective of a better Germany. The commies love to say that they never did anything, that they are always innocent. Bullshit! Here the communist guerrillas killed soldiers and put bombs killing civilians everywhere… it ended up into the last military dictatorship of the 70’s. Commies always play victim, but we (as Gutsche did) know that they are worse than pigs. He wasn’t afraid of them! Can we say the same?

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      1. You are right… I wasn’t referring to you or anyone specifically, it was more of a rhetorical question. The State indeed aids our enemies, there in Ireland (if I am not mistaken, you are from there, right?), here in Argentina (my country) and in every White country. The State aids every enemy that can harm us, because is run by the enemy (you know who). Thus, it has little legitmacy, or nothing at all.

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