Everyone enjoyed learning their drag queen name!

Our society has become sick beyond words. A great cleansing is needed. I’m coming more & more to the realisation that the west must fall for its own good. Today’s judafied West is beyond repair. Let it fall & crumble. Those that survive will be stronger & build something great from its ashes. 

4 thoughts on “Everyone enjoyed learning their drag queen name!

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    This…demented sick shit society can not possibly carry on “functioning”.

    Clear to me the satanic jews are printing money infinitum to bring in the cunt monkeys, so that when the crash comes, the satanic jews think the monkeys will wipe us out when the money runs out & it all “goes savage”.

    Amusingly OUR SCRIPTURES already tell us of all this shit and we will be burying them 7 MONTHS…and it will be as though they had never been.

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  3. This is tantamount to child abuse. Obviously, idiot liberals don’t see it as such. I remember making a comment on Saboteur’s blog, only to be answered by a “lesbian” troll who thought that it was funny that I called that child abuse… At least I hope it was a troll and not a real lesbian, because the troll claimed she had two girls with her “wife”.

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