14 thoughts on “Tucker Takes on Activist Who Supports Taxpayer-Funded Muslim ‘Safe Spaces’

    1. That ideology allows her to say more sophisticated things than “muh nigga”, “you cracka” and “da man is keeping me down!” You know, they can’t think for themselves… they are just jewish props.

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  1. Hey guys, can you say: PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTT BULLSHIT!!!!!
    It’s a full crock of fresh cow manure.
    And also, can you peeps say: “Apartheid”.
    Yeah, apartheid began because of things like that. They wanted to give each race a safe space on which they could live and develop.
    However, Rag-Head Allah’s Girlfriend identifies as “Black”, before saying: “American”.
    Whites should say: “White American”. Fuck the ius solis, ius sanguinis* is the way to go. Ask the jews for that, they know it better than anyone in this world.
    *Rights of soil vs. rights of blood. That’s literally the meaning of each term.

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    1. I’ll join the line as well. Heck, that Tucker guy looked like he was about to scream: “WTF BITCH?!” “THIS IS INSANE!!” “GTFO RAGHEAD!!”
      Man, I guess Muzzies want safe spaces to sneer at “whitey cracka infidel porkeater”.
      There, indeed, a very safe place does exist. Full of tombstones.

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        1. Nope. They need to be in their countries. Can’t get along? Tough luck. They need to learn or die.
          But they need to learn these things alone. We can’t be the ones who teach them those things… That would be racist! 😛

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