7 thoughts on “Venner

  1. Nephilim

    Dear Fuhrerious,

    good to see, that you have your own blog! If 1 Percent of the white Race would be as active as you are, we wouldn t be in this deep trouble. We must secure a future for the White Race. So we have to Redpill the mainstream with everything at our hands. This might help. Feel free to share wherever you want:

    What to do against White Genocide? – Get peacefully active of course!

    Identitarian Movement Actions – Get Inspired 1:

    Identitarian Movement Actions – Get Inspired 2

    Throw snippets to RedPill the people

    Wake up your neighbors with leaflets:

    Make your own Stickers:

    Wallpaper, where it is allowed:

    Stencils, where it is allowed:

    Wallwriting, where it is allowed:

    Tired of Enemy Propaganda – Funny Comic:

    For a good Inspiration on what to do to wake up the masses by peacefull means, read this short booklet:


    Here as audio:

    “We Must Secure The Existence Of Our PEOPLE And A Future For White Children.”

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  2. Wonderful website! Please add us to your blogroll so that Germans may secure their forces:

    SELBSTSCHUTZ (German): https://logr.org/selbstschutz

    Everyone reading this blog should instantly begin to use and spread the us of the Tor Browser to stay anonymous online and fist-fuck all the traitors in all governments! https://torproject.org

    We will win. Never doubt. Never give up. Stay healthy and strong. Blessings!

    Your SELBSTSCHUTZ activists from Germany

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