8yr Old Drag Queen Drooled Over By Faggots

Bianca Del Rio invited Lactatia, an 8-year-old drag queen, to join her onstage for Montreal date of the Werq the World Tour, reports WorldOfWonder.
Bianca was not quite prepared for the fierceness Lactatia was about to unleash:
“You are fucking adorable, Lactatia,” said Bianca. “Is this your first time in drag?”

“Ummmm, not reeeeelly,” Lactatia replied.
“And who’s your favorite drag queen?” Bianca asked, expecting one obvious reply.
After a brief pause, Lactatia said: “Ginger Minj”
I think his biggest milestone in life or a pivotal moment was when he told us that when he grew up if he wanted to, he could be a girl with a penis (He was three and going through a pretty intense Beyonce phase)


And in Cockmag no less 😡


2 thoughts on “8yr Old Drag Queen Drooled Over By Faggots


    Look up at the night sky.
    That bright light growing larger by the moment is the cosmic shit storm about to be unleashed upon the world.
    Nature will not allow this degeneracy to continue unchecked.

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