Racism Is Allowed Now.

Aryan Street

This Jew, from The Zionist Organization of America says so.

imageedit_3_3328213680 Morty Klein, SuperJew

He says it’s okay to say that Africans are better dancers than everyone else because that’s a positive thing to say.

It’s also ok to say that Asians are smarter than others and Jews are the best business people.  “Strangely” enough, he didn’t throw in any Whites are best at….  lines.  I wonder why…..?

That’s okay.  I’m a positive person.  Let’s talk about things Yids are good at….since we’ve been given permission now.

I’ll get the ball rolling…

Jews are very good whiners, lawyers, advocates.  They have perfected whining to a high art form using it to destroy their enemies and silence all dissent.  They’ve taught their racial cousins, the Africans to do it too.

Jews are amazingly flexible in their thinking.  Some call it shape shifting.  One minute they are White, saying that Whites need to genocide themselves…

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