The Smiling Mask of Islam

New Right Rising

I’m going to simply lay out here

A) Why Muslim speakers such as Omar Suleiman and Nouman Ali Khan, with their easy smiles and stylish (with a sprinking of witty) YouTube channels are a dangerous cover-up for something very sinister

B) Why it’s sinister

I have spent about a year in total watching and listening to Omar Suleiman, Nouman Ali Khan and many other Islamic teachers. They ranged from the benign, ever-smiling and somewhat cuddly Mufti Menk to fire-breathing Wahhabis you’re praying to God aren’t on your flight.

I bought a subscription to Bayyinah TV, learned to read Arabic a bit, read the Quran through a few times with commentaries from the different schools of thought, did Ramadan and even walked around in hijab in my tiny and somewhat bewildered rural community and all of it to better understand this faith. I then took a diploma course in the foundations…

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