7 thoughts on “Your Hair Is Racist

    1. They wouldn’t be able to film Death Wish, either. An architect who becomes vigilante and kills muggers and scumbags? Good luck with that in PC America!
      Too much manliness oozing from such films. Not good for jews who want young White males castrated and passive.
      (excuse Spaniard title, either Jewgle or IMDB redirects there but you get the idea).

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    1. “Gimme a fag.” What, they don’t know that “fag” can be also a cigarette? I’m a foreigner and I know that.
      In tolerant Western societies, they ban words from use!! So tolerant!!
      Also, they are really pushing faggotry. On that link you posted, I couldn’t help but notice the faggot scene they highlight from some series.

      BONUS: Facts are racist:

      Some Russian chick points out liberal BS about bone structures, race and gender. Her class epically derps on her and calls her a “Nazi”.

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  1. Notice that the guy who googled racism is bald. She can’t pull that stunt on him!
    If my hair is a light brown with reddish hues, does that make it racist or a mutt? Sheeeeet be complex.
    Now I wonder if some liberal shithead has come with that canard. Because everything is racist for them, and everyone deemed “evil” for them is either a Nazi or a Fascist. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it happened.

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