Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find

The history of human evolution has been rewritten after scientists discovered that Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa. 
Currently, most experts believe that our human lineage split from apes around seven million years ago in central Africa, where hominids remained for the next five million years before venturing further afield.
But two fossils of an ape-like creature which had human-like teeth have been found in Bulgaria and Greece, dating to 7.2 million years ago.


8 thoughts on “Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find

  1. romanianalien

    I dont know if so, but Africa definitely wasnt the birthplace of man. What I can certainly tell u is that the European civilization was born here, in my country, Romania. Ure gonna hate me for that I suppose 🙂 but the hidden history says it better. Out of curiousity, are u German?

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    1. Africa was the birthplace of big apes. Just look at ’em niggers and tell me if they don’t resemble gorillas.
      Some gorillas mated with pre-hominids and there, you got niggers!
      (I’m not an anthropologist, but that can’t be a sooooo far shot.)
      Obviously, that’s un-PC like hell, so nobody will investigate such a wild claim… unless they want to be ousted from academia and lose their position as a scientist.
      All the sciences are corrupted, even the “hard sciences”. The social sciences are corrupted to the core, but the hard sciences show some degrees of corruption as well.
      Research financed by the big industries (obviously interested on the results so they can show that their products are safe/efficient/clean or whatever), or research which is deemed “non politically correct” hidden from the public, or published in magazines destined only to scientists of that branch of science… which very few people will ever read, and more, are some of the ways on which the hard sciences can be manipulated and twisted to suit narratives as well.

      Everyone knows of the global warming, right? Now, did you know that on the 70’s, (((the usual suspects))) used to push a narrative of GLOBAL COOLING. Yeah, I guess that people did not get too much scared about that, so they switched to the global warming scare. “The level of the oceans will rise by such, and such, and so on.”
      I have on my hands an edition of the Reader’s Digest of October 74′, in Spanish. The title goes like this: “Ominous Evolution of World Climate”. In there it’s claimed that the world was cooling, not warming, as they now say.
      Sorry for the wall of text, I got carried and I couldn’t stop, lol.

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