Prince Harry to marry a half Jew half negro 😂

Prince Harry would be able to marry Meghan Markle at Westminster Abbey

The couple will be able to follow in the footsteps of the Queen and Prince Philip and William and Kate after the historic church confirmed the American actress’s former marriage would not bar her from marrying there.


6 thoughts on “Prince Harry to marry a half Jew half negro 😂

  1. romanianalien

    Their PR teams are working overtime. Its all a big fake in order to push the interbreeding agenda. Harry looks more feminine than anyway so I wouldnt wonder if actually the mongrel were man or tranny,

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  2. Well, the English nobility has been marrying jews since the nineteenth century, so that’s not new. But look at her. Her nose is like the nose of Pinocchio. I wonder if it grows as well…?

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      1. Yeah, you are probably right. I read some sources that attest that, however. But yeah, considering that the jews are in England since the times of that silly goy Cromwell, it makes you think.

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