23 thoughts on “This piece of crap sells for record $110.5m at auction

    1. That ape hits a White woman. Wait a second, I thought that black men had chivalry….. oh, wait, chivalry it’s a concept invented by “evil White cis males”, negroes just knock off their negresses and run away.
      On the latest Newsweek issue: http://www.newsweek.com/2017/05/19/issue.html there’s an article that says: “Why Johnny can’t integrate.” Because when he is young is already an obnoxious niglet, and disrupts the class and can’t understand shit (everything is too complex fo’ him), and when he is an adult, chimps out like that ape.

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    1. Wait, there’s something else… I followed one of your links and I saw this one on the related posts.

      Why Donald Trump would want to go to jew-site? (Masada). He couldn’t land his helicopter there, that’s why he didn’t go. But why would he…? (I know the answer, there’s no need to respond.)

      Now that Newsweek magazine is full of shit. Their latest issue: Class Warfare:

      Why they don’t call a spade “a spade”? This is a race war, you don’t need to have an IQ of three digits to figure that out. Even a black african with an IQ of 65 can spell that out for you.

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  1. romanianalien
  2. “Basquiat started his career as a street graffiti artist in Brooklyn. He died of an overdose in 1988, aged 27.”

    Typical useless nigger. Notice the original article doesn’t post his picture. I hope the money goes to charity.

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  3. Now if you want to feel really enraged, search for “Cy Twombly”. Don’t ban me pl0x. I guess he was a two-year old toddler for his entire “art” career.
    You should check his “Fifty Days at Iliam. Shield of Achilles”.

    I guess that I used to make lots of shields of Achilles when I was like… 15 months of age.
    The Führer and his Entarte Kunst show it’s here, all the time, every time.

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  4. I have no artistic talents (can only do a cursory sketch), but I would be ashamed of selling (and buying) that crap. The Japanese dude that bought it is batshit insane. But I love the name of his Twitter account “@yousuck2020”. Literally. He sucks, even if he is swimming in money.

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  5. Rudolf

    Reblogged this on rudolfblog and commented:
    Modern Art (cough-cough) is degenerate wanking of undergifted deviants. Let’s remember this form of onanism has been re-introduced in France by the Cia after WWII.

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  6. romanianalien

    To quote smn from Stormfront:

    “He was a street kid who somehow caught the eye of powerful Jews that decided to make him the next big thing, and utterly destroyed him with temptations and money.”

    So true. Perhaps he was talented indeed but his handlers thought its best to keep him confined into the box they created for him.

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