25 thoughts on “A German father on Reddit asks how he can have his daughter arrested for looking at “Nazi websites.”

  1. whiteisbeautiful

    What a brainwashed, eunuch of a father. He was probably hoping his daughter would get impregnated by a black African migrant and give him “beautiful” cappuccino babies with flat noses and telephone cord Afro hair. He does not deserve his daughter and sadly for him you can’t be arresting for accessing “white supremacist” websites.

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  2. romanianalien
  3. It’s terribly sad. Germany is a broken nation. Seriously, makes me count my blessings. My mother and I used to believe in all that jew shit not so many years ago. A year ago I’ve told my mother about why the Holohoax is a hoax, Hitler not being a S.O.B and many things more. Obviously, she didn’t turn me in. Now she hates jews as much than I do. That dude however, it’s batshit insane.

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