Trump Threatens Comey


This utter buffoon is now warning Mr. Comey off their dinner conversation.

In a Private Dinner, Trump Demanded Loyalty. Comey Demurred.

Not only did he ban the American press from attending his Russian meeting, he now threatens to ban the press from direct contact with the White House.  This, as well, will blow up in his flabby face.

He’s been caught in lie after lie.  Does this clown really think this will stop it?  Let’s not forget that this dangerous, egotistical  buffoon has the nuclear codes.  I predict he will…

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2 thoughts on “Trump Threatens Comey

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  2. romanianalien

    IMO this move has nothing real about it. It was done for more distraction and deception. Remember Russia is on the same side, remember the so-called Cold War? But theres another version also IMO: for some reason/s, Comey became a threat to Drumpstein and had to be fired but of course sheeple dont need to find out the truth, so he blamed it on Russia again. More circus than bread, as usual.

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