7 May 1946 – Anton Mussert

Execution of the day

Anton MussertDutch Nazi-sympathiser, Anton Mussert copped a few rounds of bullets after he faced a firing squad for his right-wing activities in the Second World War.

Schmoozing and brown-nosing his way through the rise of Nazi German and occupation, he was instrumental in setting up the Dutch arm of the fascist party – with the misnomer National Socialist Movement (NSB) – and basing many of his ideologies on his hero Mussolini. But one difference between him and Il Duce was that while the party didn’t, Mussert fully subscribed to anti-Semitism. This he shared with his other hero, Hitler. And as Europe headed into war so the rise of fascism grew. He desperately believed that he played an important part in the war and that the Germans were acting in the best interests of the Dutch people.

But such was their disrespect that they agreed to call him De Leider – fine…

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15 thoughts on “7 May 1946 – Anton Mussert

  1. Flanders

    “Can you give me one scientific report that shows the existence of gas chambers anywhere in Nazi-occupied territory?” defence counsel Doug Christie asked Hilberg in a day-long rapid fire of cross-examination.

    “I am at a loss,” Hilberg replied.

    “You are (at a loss) because you can’t,” Christie said.

    Hilberg agreed with Christie there are no autopsy reports indicating even a single person died from exposure to poisonous gas in chambers.


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