5 thoughts on “This Is What Mental Illness Looks Like. 

  1. Flanders

    “EU says opposing the agenda of George Soros is anti-Semitic”

    “Below is a news blurb from the notorious Jewish supremacist hate website the Jewish Daily Forward.

    From Jewish Daily Forward:

    A leading official in the European Commission — one of the European Union’s governing bodies — implied that efforts by Hungary’s prime minister to shut down a university founded by George Soros are anti-Semitic.” [Continue]


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  2. Flanders

    So damned true!

    “Minnesota attorney general finds that less than 1 percent of donations to Kars4Kids charity goes to Minnesota kids–most of the money promotes Orthodox Judaism among children on the East Coast”

    “Most of that money, amounting to $40 million, was given to an affiliated nonprofit called Oorah, which promotes Orthodox Judaism among children mostly in New Jersey and New York.”


    It seems that’s not the only time that jewry has pulled the same type of scam. There are more complaints from different states, and most likely using different names:



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