German defence minister vows to root out neo-Nazis in army

German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen has vowed to smoke out neo-Nazi sympathisers in the Bundeswehr army, after police arrested a soldier with far-right views who secured asylum – and planned a suspected terrorist attack – after posing as a Syrian green grocer.

Female defence ministers smh.

8 thoughts on “German defence minister vows to root out neo-Nazis in army

  1. …It’s the GERMAN, Army. Mid-19th century, guess who invented military protocols and self-discipline?!
    I must blame squarely, the German voters for the political correctness. It will definitely come back to haunt them. Either the German military all PC’d up, will not be able to handle an enemy or confrontation, or, an independent Nationalist military will rise up. Which I can see happening.

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  2. Flanders

    “US and EU Behind Macedonian coup”

    “We just witnessed another regime change by the leftist forces within the US and EU administrations – says Vienna based and oldest printed European newspaper Wiener Zeitung.

    In an absurdly illegal fashion, with no votes, outside of Parliament session, the (former) communists in the country elected Talat Xhaferi as Parliament speaker of Macedonian parliament, a man who had previously deserted the Macedonian army to fight against the state.

    The left wing forces in the US and EU nearly broke their necks in voicing support for Xhaferi, despite the fact his election was illegal. The faked Parliament seals provided by an ethnic Albanian staffer was the icing on the cake – says Wiener Zeitung.

    “So much for democratic values and norms that the US and EU allegedly fight for. The truth is, both Washington and Brussels have worked very hard for years in trying to undermine and unseat the conservative led Government by VMRO-DPMNE because the Government refused to follow US and EU directions visavi the Russian south stream project. Skopje also refused to enact sanctions against Russia which irked Washington further” – reports Wiener Zeitung.

    German chancellor Angela Merkel lied that no one can prevent the migrants from coming into the EU. But a tiny Macedonia showed you can do so with ease.” [Continues]

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