32 thoughts on “When You Import The 3rd World…

  1. Flanders

    “The “State Sponsored Visa Pilot Program of 2017.”

    “The inflow of foreign workers would start at 495,000 in the first year, not counting the additional family members of each imported worker.

    The bill would also create an amnesty, because the visas could be given to 11 million plus illegals living in the United States, including those who returned to the United States after being deported.

    The American replacement bill is needed because companies can’t hire the employees they want amid the massive decline in the number of Americans who are seeking work, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson told an event hosted Wednesday by the CATO Institute.”


    “A new study by the Pew Research Center shows that the U.S. has more than 40 million immigrants, more than any other country in the world. It also takes in about one-fifth of the world’s total migrants.”

    “According to the report about a quarter of the immigrants are here illegally…”.

    The report also noted that almost half of Americans (49%) say that immigration in the U.S. should be decreased while only 15% said it should be increased.”



  2. Flanders

    “HUD Watchdog Hid 14 Fraud Reports From Public=>Rapists and Murderers Illegally Living in HUD-Funded Homes”


    “IG Report: DHS is Catching Less Than 1% of Visa Overstays”

    ” In 2015 ICE arrested only 3,402 visa overstayers out of the estimated 527,127, or 1 out of every 150 cases.

    The report also shows that there is a massive backlog of 1.2 million visa cases that ICE has yet to investigate.”



  3. Flanders

    Faked Hate-filled Hater is a Church Organist

    “[Episcopal News Service] A staff organist has been arrested in the post-election vandalism at an Episcopal church in Indiana – an incident that generated national headlines in November as a possible case of politically motivated hate speech, but one that prosecutors now say was instead the act of someone hoping to mobilize others disappointed with the election results.

    Nathan Stang, 26, faces a misdemeanor count of institutional criminal mischief for the damage to St. David’s Episcopal Church, the congregation in Bean Blossom, Indiana, where he serves as organist. He was arrested May 3, three days after Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry came to St. David’s to preside at the Sunday Eucharist and preach.

    The congregation feels “like we had the rug pulled out from underneath us,” the Rev. Kelsey Hutto, priest-in-charge at St. David’s, told Episcopal News Service in a May 3 interview.

    Earlier in the day, Hutto released a statement on the church’s website saying, “Nathan is a member of our St. David’s family and naturally there is a certain amount of betrayal with this act.”

    “Over the coming weeks and days we will process our emotions regarding this hurtful act. I ask that we remember what we have stood for over the past few months – love and forgiveness,” she said.

    St. David’s was one of at least two Episcopal congregations that were targeted with graffiti on the weekend after Donald Trump was elected president. The graffiti at St. David’s included the words “Heil Trump” as well as a gay slur and a swastika.

    Nathan Stang [IMAGE]
    Organist Nathan Stang is shown in a photo posted with his bio on the website of St. David’s Episcopal Church.

    Stang reported the vandalism at St. David’s to Hutto on Nov. 13, saying he discovered it when he arrived that Sunday morning to prepare for services.

    A statement released by Brown County Prosecuting Attorney Theodore F. Adams said Stang, when confronted with results of the nearly six-month investigation, confessed to spray-painting the graffiti himself.
    The vandalism thrust the Episcopal congregation into the national spotlight, along with Church of Our Savior in Silver Spring, Maryland, where a sign was found defaced with the words “Trump Nation Whites Only” on the same day.”



      1. Flanders

        I had not fully realized that the Vilnews site above was a jew site until I checked it out further. I had seen much the same information from another good site quite some time ago, but what has happened, I think, is that this jew site is using the “good” materials [in the jew’s demented mind] from another site which had told more facts and whose website [which had the original materials] which the jews had either had closed, or from which they obtained their material [leaving out the materials most adverse to jewry] when it went defunct.

        I once had a long encounter with a hasbarat who had claimed Lithuanian anscestry, and maybe this explains why.

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  4. Flanders

    “…[T]he implication of the fact that most people are governed far more by herd instinct than by reason is this: Insofar as the general public is concerned, truth cannot fight its own battles. As long as Norman Lear, the Jewish television producer, has more kilowatts for reaching the public than we do, it will be his view of history and, more important, his view of what is moral rather than ours which will be generally accepted and which will govern the political process.” – Dr. William Pierce


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  5. Flanders

    “Obviously, the three white males and one Asian male stabbed by on the campus of the University of Texas yesterday were randomly selected, right?

    Why else would a black male target white males, who make up roughly 1 of every 5 students on the campus?
    It’s been reported Kendrex White, the black male behind the mass stabbing attack, once participated in reenacting The French Revolution of San Domingo (as everyone remembers the black revolution in Haiti, where all white people were targeted for extinction).”


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  6. Flanders

    It is not us who imports them. It is globalist jewry.

    “Macron: tied to ‘NEW EARTH’, Clinton plans, Bilderbergs, IMF scandal figure and Rothschilds! Be WARY of his “revolution”

    The following is available in English, French and German for the benefit of humanity.

    Brief summary:

    French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron is a continuation of the work of the Saint-Simon Foundation and the Foundation’s ipso facto successor, Terra Nova. And what is the translation of ‘Terra Nova’?


    Terra Nova was established to shadow a plan by Bill Clinton and Joseph Liebermann and was supported by the Rothschilds and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The goal of the project is control and globalization. Macron did not have a presidential platform until eight months into the campaign because he did not need new direction. His ‘campaign’ is a continuation of Terra Nova’s work”


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