15 thoughts on “Syria Confirms Israeli Strike Hit Military Compound Near Damascus Airport

  1. Flanders

    Shh! Keep this quiet… Someone might ask where “Syrian” chemical weapons came from.

    “Mother of Israeli Teen Who Masterminded Terror Threat Campaign is Chemical Weapons Researcher”

    “Israel’s courts and media have kept a tight lid on the Michael Kadar case. He is the Israeli teen who phoned 2,000 threats against airlines, schools, hospitals, community centers, and even federal and state officials. As I reported yesterday, he maintained a veritable cyber-terror supermarket in which he listed his services and prices. It was, to say the least, a lucrative enterprise.

    The Israeli courts have slapped a gag order on the case, refusing to permit Kadar to be named or photographed. His parents also may not be named or photographed. The ostensible reason is that Kadar was a minor at the time of some of his alleged crimes. However, that doesn’t explain why his parents’ identities are also “protected.”
    A reader offered some information tonight which allowed me to confirm that Kadar’s mother is Dr. Tamar Kadar. She is a chemical weapons researcher at Israel’s biological and chemical research lab at Nes Ziona. She lives in Ashkelon. Among other chemical agents she works with are sarin, mustard gas, and organophosphates, highly lethal chemical warfare agents. From her research projects, she seems to explore defenses against chemical weapons rather than how to make them stronger. Though presumably the Institute would not list its offensive research publicly, with which she may or may not be involved.
    The CBC conducted an interview with Dr. Kadar wearing sunglasses and with only her lips in the frame. The video embed code isn’t working properly, but it can be watched here.

    Dr. Kadar is clearly another factor in Israel’s suppression of this story.”


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