Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

Today, April 24th, is Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yam HaShoah, a time when we want to be sure and take a moment or three to browbeat ourselves over the six trillion Jews who were electrocuted on conveyor belts, stuffed live into easy-bake magic ovens which disappeared them and their ashes, and resulted in the profitable victimization of multiple generations of Shoah business survivors, including those still being born, snipped, and sucked by mohels, today.

In honor of the day when memes and jokes about the Holohoax take center stage, I’ll share an old story of a particular Holocaust Remembrance Day a dozen years ago when a boy from Arkansas traveled to Boston to put slices of pork onto the six steaming grates marking the six trillion lost, and offered free ham sandwiches to the thousands of hook-nosed kikes protesting his very presence there. Oy Vey. It was more…

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