stories about Aboriginals:



This is what happened to me/a friend:
>Be me
>be 18
>have friend that’s still into fucking scooters even though he’s fucking 17
>he buys some $500 scooter a couple weeks prior to the following:
>him, some other friends, and I are playing basketball down at a local court
>some pack of Abo kids walk over ask to play
>we start playing despite my protests
>he has his scooter to the side of the court
>one of the apes, probably 9 years old, starts using it
>he lets them
>I walk off, and have a drink
>watch him run off with it
>friend surprisingly runs of after him
>”it was just a joke; a prank; a meme; etc” the abo states
>friend accepts it as truth
>finish off game, and we go out separate ways
>we go to a local woolies, he leaves the scooter out the front
>buy some…

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