Why the Jews hate the Greeks



“The genocidal and racist Old Testament proclaims that the Jewish God will bless those who bless the Children of Abraham and curse those who curse Abrahams Descendants (Gen 12:2:3 )
The Truth is that the Jews try to Genocide those who are most friendly to them, because when they live among these People so as to subvert and steal from them , the Jews lose some of their Jewishness and begin to assimilate due to the Kindness shown them by their loving host. ….
Though the Jews curse all, they most readily subvert , easily destroy and most strongly hate those who love and bless them . …
As but one example of many, Philo informs us that the Jews( actually protojews as there were no real Jews at that time ) did not conquer the Caananites through War , but rather through Infiltration fascilitated by Caananite Love of the…

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