19 thoughts on “Transgender ‘mum’ in New Dove Ad

  1. I wrote to them, I suggest everyone else do so.

    My disgust of your “transgender” ad for Baby Dove, in your “Real Moms” series, which implies that previous mothers are NOT real, knows no bounds.

    Your promotion of this sick agenda further fractures what used to be NORMAL families and normal upbringing. The children that see this ad will assume, as have many already over the past few years, that you can change your sex like you change your underwear. These mentally unfit people should spend the rest of their useless lives under psychiatric care and not allowed to mingle and influence the rest of the population.


    I will never buy your products again and and will use my influence far and wide to see that no one else does.

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  2. Their response and very quickly, I might add:

    Thank you for contacting Baby Dove regarding our advertisement.

    We certainly apologize and did not wish to offend anyone, we thank you for being a loyal consumer to our brand. Our ads are designed to be informative, truthful and “in good taste.” The agencies creating our advertising adhere strictly to our guidelines.

    In developing product messages, we may not always anticipate all possible implications of a television commercial. We appreciate hearing your comments. We will report your comments to our Marketing staff.

    Please feel free to contact us with any addition questions.


    Baby Dove Consumer Services

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