4 thoughts on “Look at the stuff Soros’s university was pushing in Hungary

  1. Michael Krausler

    Until freemason cunt-scum race-traitors are dealt with……the SATANIC JEW will continue to run rough shot over Christendom & Caucasians.

    I remember scouting one particularly LARGE LODGE and as the sodomite degenerates came waltzing out, fruity special identical brief cases all in hand….I shouldered one of the cunts.

    IF he had said anything… he and his 2 ass fucking cum-farting [all seeing eye = anus] bum chums….would not have survived.

    I was feeling particularly Christian Israelite Caucasian that night.
    But, I know it will be much more spectacular when it does finally happen.


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  2. Its the sort of curriculum one would expect from him. In other words a bunch of Jewish revisionism, minus the reason and physical evidence. In other words, a bunch of useless shit. Oh yes, and a occulted anti-white genocide in it.
    The Reich Was Right!!!

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