quashing dissent by accusations of sexual harassment, racism, and anti-Semitism

Conservative TV personality, Sean Hannity, was recently accused of sexual harassment.  Such accusations against conservatives who are pubic figures is not new.  We can remember Anita Hill’s spurious accusations against Clarence Thomas in September 1991.  Her tale kept morphing each time she retold it.  Candidate Donald Trump effectively silenced these type accusations last October when he […]


Demographic genocide



From Metapedia

Demographic genocide is a term sometimes used to describe the gradual reduction (at least in relative terms) and possible eventual disappearance of a (racial) group in an area through gradual demographic processes such as reduced birth rates, immigration of non-group members, and race mixing.

It has been applied in particular to the demographic changes affecting Whites. See White demographics.

Net Migration Rate 2016

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Serial killer of children freed and roaming same city he terrorized


In 1967, the virtually crime-free town of Sierra Vista, AZ was terrorized by a serial killer. Known as “The Phantom,” a sixteen-year-old black male was targeting blonde haired white children for murder.

He killed seven-year-old Cindy Clelland and six-year-old Jenelle Haines. He was also targeting another nine-year-old girl.
The killer ended up being William Huff, who had killed neighborhood cats and stolen bicycles. Huff was also accused of breaking into a neighbor’s house and fondling a little girl. He was caught and convicted in part because he sent a letter to the police taunting them. His handwriting matched the letter sent to police.


Italian Prosecutor: Wiretaps Reveal NGOs Working With Human Smugglers to Flood Italy

Italian prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro said Thursday that wiretapped conversations revealed non-governmental organizations are working together with human smugglers to flood Italy with migrants and “destabilize” their economy. 

From AP:

MILAN (AP) — An Italian prosecutor on Thursday defended his accusation that non-governmental organizations operating rescue boats in the Mediterranean are colluding with migrant smugglers after one humanitarian organization said the charge threatened its work and requested proof for the allegation. 

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In 100 Days, A New Jewish Elite Rises Under Trump

Among many moves aimed at reversing his predecessor’s policies, President Trump recently decided not to make public the White House visitors logs. Had they been open, the lists would reveal the profound change 100 days of a Trump administration had brought about to the Jewish community’s power structure.

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Exposing The “Nazi” Epithet – Who Started It, Why, How, And Who Benefits

‘As a German child growing up in a foreign country during the 60s, I was often called a “Nazi” by some of my peers when they learned that I was German. It was of course, simply ignorant repetition or “parroting” of what was said on TV in hundreds of TV shows, Hollywood movies, alleged ‘documentaries’, in newspaper and magazine articles, as well as in radio programs, not to mention classroom indoctrination, and probably by their parents too. The libraries, of course, were also full of books which spoke of “Nazis” (and still are). So to deny that there was ever such thing as a “Nazi”, to most people, would be akin to denying the moon-landing, or perhaps more accurately, like telling a frightened child that “no monster under the bed” or “no ghost in the closet”. And one would then not only be thought as a “Nazi”, but also a lunatic, because after all, “everyone knows Hitler was an evil Nazi, and a madman, and a war monger and he wanted to take over the world, yada yada yada!”. Well, if truth, justice, and honest history (as opposed to “convenient history) mean anything any more, then we need to un-learn this term, and to stop parroting it like little children, using it for convenience sake, and especially, from using it as a repressive weapon for the purposes of “stifling dissent”; the very thing everyone wants to accuse “evil Nazis” of having done!’

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Austrian president says that all women will one day have to wear headscarves to fight ‘rampant Islamophobia’ 

Austria’s left-leaning president Alexander Van Der Bellen has suggested all women must one day wear headscarves to combat Islamophobia.
The green-backed independent triumphed over his populist right-wing rival Norbert Hofer in December after an unprecedented repeat vote.
His comments come after the Austrian government banned the full-face veil in public spaces in January, as part of an attempt to counter the rise of the far-right Freedom Party.