Oxford university unveils new portraits of women and ethnic minorites to ‘redress diversity’

to put up more than 20 new portraits of female and ethnic minority alumni, in a bid to improve diversity and reduce the propotions of dead white males on display.
Astrophysicist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Oxford Law fellow and disability rights campaigner Marie Tidball, and human rights activist Kumi Naidoo are among those named to appear in new paintings and photographs commissioned as part of the university’s Diversifying Portraiture initiative.


5 thoughts on “Oxford university unveils new portraits of women and ethnic minorites to ‘redress diversity’

  1. Michael Krausler

    These SATANIC JEWS just love giving PRIZES & AWARDS to each other and anyone else not following the Heterosexual Patriarchy. = Hating our God’s Laws.

    Once again, grabbing at life & gaudy prizes to somehow “officially” legitimize their existence….constantly promoting and reminding everyone their shite is “appreciated”.

    Nah !
    Every woman I met in last 25 years thinks just because she has a Vagina, that’s all she need do, because she DISRESPECTFULLY ASSUMES I am only interested in that… [Of course many guys are only interested in that, but, that may be other side of coin because they can’t stand BRAINWASHED OBNOXIOUS PERSONALITIES]….And when I stand back and mention Love & Respect will GET EARNED….. I’m met with a BLANK STARE.

    They’re so brainwashed to sit & expect MEN do all the impressing & heavy lifting in a relationship…. they actually think they need do nothing but quote Cosmo articles at me…for “this to work”.
    THEY CAN’T EVEN FUCKING COOK these days !!!

    Yeurrghh !

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  2. romanianalien

    Well, no news, this is how “they” want us to be: handicapped, mongrelized, brainless, heartless, sick (from all pov’s). This is us, this is the future unfortunately. Theres nothing rosy about it.

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