Jewry Has Turned Whites Into Fooled PC MORONS

Haven’t you wondered why we’re always so expected to support Israel, even though Israel openly practices Apartheid against the Palis, while sucking US taxpayer shekels out of us by the minute? Would you not think the supposed “peace-loving” liberal media would be raising hell about at least some of the things Israel does? Jews are such experts at brainwashing people with modern mass communications, they’ve turned us all (republicans, independents, democrats) into giant blubbering PC idiots!
By Phillip Marlowe
Look, I know you White folk out there are all kinds of bunged-up and confused. Hell, I was too for years because I could see something bad was going on. I eventually realized a big scam was going down and knew there had to be reasons for it. Believe me, at the time I had my suspicions as to who, but never has it become so obvious as it is now.

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One thought on “Jewry Has Turned Whites Into Fooled PC MORONS

  1. Michael Krausler

    “La La La….Just be NICE, it is NICE to be NICE, be NICE to everyone, let them into your land and just be NICE, because NICE is NICE and being NICE is NICE…..La La La.”


    Since WHEN THE FUCK has LIFE ever been FUCKING NICE ??

    We struggle being nice to each other at GOD’S COMMAND….How the fuck are we being NICE to uninvited CUNTMONKEYS but not to each other…?

    Another part of the Veil yet to be lifted.

    It’s all a PUNISHMENT PANTO !.

    Last 20 years as a race, we ain’t said “Boo to a goose, or Coon to a Monkey”.
    [Middle east not included.] LOL

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