3 thoughts on “It Was Real In My Mind 

  1. Michael Krausler

    They just can’t deal with REAL REALITY.

    REALITY being that they are Canaanite/Edomite SATANS from OUR BIBLE and the time of their ANTI-CHRIST BEAST SYSTEM is fast coming to an end.

    “JEWS” have no god. That’s why they grab at life so desperately and want for GOLD & CONTROL. Because they have no real lasting control, have no inheritance.Hate us so much for being what they wish they were.

    I always felt strange that I was “SUPPOSED” to “want so much”….advertising,trends,etc,etc,etc.
    Couldn’t give a toss really.

    Oh well….The Day will come when CHRIST shows THEM, It is US, HE always LOVED. [Punishments aside].



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