Non stop rioting in Paris for months now.

Video – 

10 thoughts on “Non stop rioting in Paris for months now.

  1. Michael Krausler

    More examples of the SATANIC JEWISH SYSTEM where “government” will “take care of business”.

    Always some sort of a department somewhere…takes care of things…..even if it is the ((government)) that FUCKING CAUSED IT ALL.

    MEN OF THE LAND… easy, go back to sleep….. there is a ((TAX FUNDED)) ((DEPARTMENT)) making all the decisions for you……so you can carry on ((PAYING TAXES)).


    IF “80,000” of us can turn up for a “children’s game” often enough,…then I am more than sure the day will come we all leave our houses to eradicate subhuman invaders.

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  2. Socking how blatant and in your face, the situation is in France. More surprising are the pollsters who say le Pen will do well and place second, but Carcon will most likely win!!! The curse of the red 69er’s, the baby boomers who can’t bring themselves to admit how wrong they were. The Reich was Right!!

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