Values To Die For

By Morgoth

Well folks, there’s been another Muslim terror attack in London and once again everybody is wandering about trying to figure out what our ”Shared British Values” actually are. Words used most frequently to describe our shared British values are ”tolerance”, ”democracy”, ”freedom of speech” (but not Hate Speech that’s a serious crime), ”openness” and of course ”diversity”. The mass media and political class have added an extra crinkle for this particular terror attack, which they usually do when London is involved, they invoke ”The Big One”, yes, the Blitz is back!. 

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2 thoughts on “Values To Die For

  1. Diversity means they can react differently from British people. That means local people have to expect the unexpected: A suicidal reaction to criticism! and that is still not a terrorist act, although British anti-terrorist agents had been engaged ! Ha ha ha !

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