3 thoughts on “Keep Calm &  Die Goyim 

  1. Flanders

    !4 Words, Let’s hope this one holds or increases – or better yet, that the people overthrow “their government” before the elections and drive their invading squatters out.

    Information about when the elections will be is not given, and a Chatham House globalist “doesn’t think” their lead will be sustained through the elections [sure those (((globalists))) will try to sabotage it], but it’s encouraging news for a change from Sweden.

    “Anti-immigrant party takes first place in Sweden, poll shows
    Its support is at nearly double the level during 2014 general election”

    “The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats are the most popular political party in the Nordic country, according to a new poll.

    The YouGov poll showed nearly a quarter – 23.9 per cent – of people said they would vote for the party if an election were held now, meaning its support is at nearly double the level of what it was during 2014’s general election.

    Results put the Sweden Democrats ahead of the Social Democrats, who form the larger part of a coalition government under Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, and well ahead of the Moderates. Support for those parties has fallen by nine and eight points, respectively, since 2014, YouGov found.

    According to its website the party believes “the overall net impact of mass immigration from distant countries [is] strongly negative, both economically and socially”.

    It says multiculturalism “leads to fragmentation and segregation where culture clashes occur”, and wants to “severely limit” family immigrations and reunification “to combat forced marriage, trafficking, and economic costs resulting from” families being unable to support themselves.”


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