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  1. LOL Yep, the fake news media, is about that stupid! My God, I’m done with the lame stream fake news media. They have no credibility left, the best thing is to treat them with the contempt and disdain they so richly deserve. Now Jewoogle, is involved in censorship, based upon, fake news., lies, Jewish special interests i.e. keep the holohoax scam going, it makes for a good criminal extortion racket, lack of scientific evidence, and cogent reasoning!!! Let’s never forget, the Reich Was Right!!!

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  3. Michael Krausler

    Via Jim Stone :

    Commons shooting: A confirmed regional hoax, custom tailored to regional taste!
    Mexicans saw it as a blonde haired blue eyed white guy!

    There was no incident at the commons, NOW CONFIRMED. How is it confirmed? BECAUSE:

    1. Early on, they reported it was an asian man. This appeared to mean Oriental.

    2. Then they claimed he was Arab, and some people said he looked Indian. This could also mean Asian, but that’s not how they first presented it.


    Brexit anyone? Who wants Brexit? ANSWER: BLONDE HAIRED BLUE EYED WHITE GUYS!!!!!

    Now, Obviously trolls are going to hop on this and say it does not matter that in Mexico it was reported as a white guy. But unfortunately for the trolls, a majority of the population has not yet been a victim of common core!


    There are some good reader comments below the capture now.
    If you are hearing “middle eastern” now, that is story creep to fit an agenda. Typical.

    “Note about geography:

    MIDDLE EASTERN and ASIAN are synonymous. Middle east is in Asia. (usual American knowledge of geography is proverbial poor). While Asian can be far-east Asian, Indian, Chinese, it can also be middle-eastern from Saudi Arabia to Turkey – all these are Asians… IT rather seems, that they first wanted to hide it, because “middle eastern” is really damaging for their current agenda of “innocent muslims” coming for asylum…”

    “Hi Jim,

    Re possible FF in London. The ONE thing that looks really odd is that the attacker was able to drive AT SPEED over Westminster Bridge and mow down pedestrians. It is a VERY busy bridge – why was it empty enough for anyone to drive at speed at that hour??? It should have been jam packed with traffic – you would be lucky to do 10mph! If you look at the pictures afterwards, there are several buses and cars stopped on the South bound lane … but almost nothing stopped on the North bound lane used by the attacker, that lane is almost empty (remember in the UK you drive on the left hand side!) – why?? Regards, Paul”


    Westminster happened to remind everyone about Brussels and every other FF that goes on. These pictures make me want to puke. They are staged and it’s appalling that common core is winning on this.”

    Anonymous sent:

    “The attack happened at the 1st anniversary of a metro attack in EU. Nothing like a “celebration” from the Bolshevik Jews.”

    “And more I posted over at ZH: “That’s what I’m suspecting, a false flag to stop BREXIT. PM May scheduled the invocation of Article 50 until the end of March, the 29th. (Presumably a final decision being made before or at that date). – With all preliminary intelligence out: Absolutely no sign of this being a “muslim terrorist”. No signs anywhere about the infamous false flag patsies'”Allah akbar” exclamation.

    Anonymous sent:

    – Assault on Parliament. The attack was not in a high-density population area, unlike the two truck attacks in France and Germany. The muslim terrorist narrative, with this, is “differentially” dismissed. – Still, some collateral damage incorporated with the false flag for the obvious severity degree. Adding up all this, with ONLY a few days to go before the final BREXIT conclusion? Brittons, brace yourself. You’re not going to have a BREXIT.

    And more: – Occult references here: Yet again, on a 3/22 : 322 – “Skulls and Bones” (Yale). See here: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1730295 (scroll down to the Babylonian history posting). 3/22/1980: Opening Georgia Guide Stones, outlining the Babylonian World Order with a 500 million global population target. 3/22/2016: Terrorist false-flag at the heart of Europe, Brussels, also called “New Babylon”. The difference is exactly 36 years: 3 6’es – 666 – This was an unholy anniversary false flag. 3/22/2017: Today, this attack. License plate: EX66RNO. X = 24th letter in alphabet -> 2 4 = 6. Followed by the 2 actual 6’es yields E 666 RNO the other letters are insignificant.



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