5 thoughts on “A car on Westminster Bridge has just mowed down at least 5 people.

      1. Michael Krausler

        I’m sure MI6 gave him his plan & funding….even if he didn’t know it.

        7/7 all over again.

        They’ve imported the troops, brainwashed us with the blatantly obvious, but, IF WE mention the fucking obvious, WE’RE RACISTS.

        They’ve already PICKED THE FIGHT for Us We’re all just waiting for the kick off. And I personally think fuck all is ever ever EVER going to do that…until MONEY BECOMES WORTHLESS. Which means something they have NOT PLANNED will occur and then we’ll shape our society how WE WANT IT.

        I think it is the designed crash & new currency plan….of theirs,….will go pear shaped.

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  1. Michael Krausler

    THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of CCTV Units all over London.

    We should then get CCTV footage of the “PERP” from his home all the way to this location….from MULTIPLE ANGLES.

    Bet we don’t !! Because MI6 has the lease tot he property NO DOUBT !!

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