Irish Antifa ( AFA ) Say They’re Going to Sexualize Children

The insane left wing maggots of Antifa or Anti-Facist-Action here in Ireland have finally taken the cover off of their evil thinking and let it be known that they are in favour of the destruction of the normal family unit and they adopt, as a matter of principal, the idea of sexualizing children.
As reported in an interview by Brian Cunningham:
“As a group firmly positioned ideologically on the left, we know that the key element for the memetic survival of fascist ideals lies in both the overarching capitalist superstructure as well as normalised and inherently exclusionary notions of Irishness.
One of the things we’re interested in at the moment is the continued existence of reactionary norms such as the so called nuclear family. By drawing on the work of Wilhem Reich, who examined the idea of fascism as a symptom of sexual repression, we are taking the ‘Reicheann approach’ by advocating for the early managed sexualisation of children so as to prevent the formation of any earlier fascist traits. This was outlined in Reich’s magnum opus ‘The Mass Psychology of Fascism’, and has been shown to be effective when tried experimentally on the European continent.”

Their demented ideology is based on the theories put forward by Wilhelm Reich , an insane jew who came from modern day Ukraine. He was totally obsessed with sexualizing children and wrote about engaging in bestiality and fantasizing about incest with his mother.

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