UK: Border Guards Can’t Tell Nonwhites Apart

Three Sikhs in Britain have been jailed for smuggling at least 30 Afghan invaders into the country by taking advantage of the fact that white border officials could not tell them apart from other nonwhites with U.K. passports.

3 thoughts on “UK: Border Guards Can’t Tell Nonwhites Apart

  1. Michael Krausler

    Via Jim Stone.

    CNN brain eating –
    I skipped this at first because I did not believe it. But it appears to be true – CNN went to a cannibal tribe in Northern India which “explored the deepest secrets of Hinduism by “being cannibal”. Hindus do have a thing for cow urine (they believe it is sacred) and it ends up in the oddest of places, including mopping the floor and CNN did point that out, but no one ever heard of them eating brains before.

    So at this interview, one of the Aghori people they were interviewing handed Reza Aslan, the CNN host, human brains, and he ate them after drinking an alcoholic beverage out of a real (and fresh) skull. This sounded really out there, so I skipped it. But wait, it gets worse, and the liberals went the whole way with this:

    Somehow, Reza committed an “offense” and the Aghori “guru” threatened to cut his head off. So the CNN crew got out of there, as fast as they could. Here’s the punch line: NOW LIBERALS ARE CRITICIZING CNN FOR NOT BEING SENSITIVE ENOUGH BY LEAVING THE WAY THEY DID.

    Full circle with that story, it had it all – brain eating, head chopping, and liberal common sense.

    I was not going to say anything about this at all because I figured it had to be hoax news. Well folks, apparently it was no hoax.


    Gotta hand it to the Street Shitters…Cow Piss drinking…that’s a new one !!

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